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The Lacanian Review #3 (Hurly-Burly) : Segregations

The Lacanian Review #3 (Hurly-Burly) : Segregations

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The Lacanian Review #3

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The Lacanian Review (TLR),
Hurly-Burly is published by :
the New Lacanian School (NLS) and World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).

Table of Contents

5          Marie-Hélène Brousse, Segregations/Subversion

Whose Universal?
10        Jacques Lacan, Note on the Father and Universalism
12        An Interview with Jean-Claude Milner

The Dialogue
20        Colin Wright, Céline Flory, and Myriam Cottias, Colonising Enjoyment

Divide and Rule
30        Jacques-Alain Miller, Extimate Enemies
43        Laura Sokolowsky, Totalitarianism and Psychoanalysis: A Little Trip to the Land of Nazi Germany
48        Nathalie Jaudel, The Logic of Segregation vs The Logic of Concentration Camps

Cloaca Maxima
58        Guy Briole, Cloacina Mundi, 21st Century
61        Aino-Marjatta Mäki and Jaakko Karhunen, The Misery of Segregation: Is Psychoanalysis a Part of Western Civilisation?

To Each Their Label
68        Roberto Cavasola, An Interview with Allen Frances
72        Marcelo Veras, The Segregation of the Subject in Mental Illness
77        Colin Wright, “When the Fun Stops, Stop”: Betting on Psychoanalysis in the Era of Segregation
87        Thomas Harding, Neurodiversity and its Discontents

Body Lalangue
94        Jacques-Alain Miller, Habeas Corpus
101      Guy Briole, Aggiornamento
108      Miquel Bassols, The Enjoying Substance

118      Jacques-Alain Miller, Question of the School: Proposal for the Guarantee of 21 January 2017
122      Anne Lysy, When the Incomparable Happens, Obvious and Opaque

Reduction: Analysts of the School
129      Daniel Pasqualin, Discontents in the Un-world
133      Marie-Hélène Brousse, The Sex of the Symptom
137      Oscar Ventura, Silence, Memory, Noise … and Forgetting
144      Angelica Marchesini, Vicissitudes of the Feminine
149      Tai Cossich, Im_passe – Sequence One

154      Lilia Mahjoub, “But Where has the Unconscious Gone?”
164      Miquel Bassols, In Praise of Ordinary Psychosis

170      Nancy Gillespie, Love and Ordinary Psychosis: A Portrait of an Athlete as a Young Man
176      Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Superintendent
181      An Bulkens, Little Leo: From Must Have, to May Be